The Present Box

'Explaining death and funerals to children gently and lovingly' 

About the Author

About the Author...and the Illustrator

Michelle Jewels-Parsons

Michelle Jewels-Parsons is a Funeral Celebrant and End of Life Companion from Adelaide, South Australia. She has experience as a Funeral Director and has been a Funeral and Memorial Celebrant for 8 years, the past year also working closely with the dying and terminally ill as an End of Life Companion.

Michelle identified early on the need for a book to teach children the importance of life and of death, and how to say goodbye to those they love.

The Present Box is Michelle’s first book. To learn more about what Michelle does with end of life planning and companion work please visit her website at


Michelle and 6-year-old Niece Ellie, have created a beautiful children’s book exploring themes of death and funerals, accompanied by vivid illustrations hand drawn by Ellie.

Michelle and Ellie have always talked in great length about what Michelle does as a Celebrant and End of Life Companion. Ellie's reason for wanting to be a part of the book is simple....

'I just want to help all the children not be sad when someone they love dies, that's all. They don't need to be scared because its ok'. Ellie x

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